The Landing Strip Naval Comic

The Landing Strip was born from a combination of things, but mostly boredom. Navy flight school is freakishly busy at times and mind-numbingly slow at other times. A particularly slow week saw Zach, a student naval aviator, draw up the first strip just for fun. The response to “Mustaches” was so positive that several people asked for more comic strips. It quickly morphed into a weekly project – a new strip every Friday – with the occasional bonus strip.

Getting winged in flight school is a long, sometimes arduous journey. Because of this process, many students find themselves blogging about their time in Schools Command, with each student having an interesting story to tell. Zach wanted to find a unique way to tell his family about his schooling, and his lifelong love of newspaper comics made for the perfect medium. As there are no other comic strips chronicling the Naval aviator student experience, The Landing Strip has found a niche of its own.

While most of the humor is built around military aviation, The Landing Strip is a comic for everyone!




Max Peters:   Ensign Max Peters is the central character. He is lovably ridiculous, and while his antics are questionable and sometimes quite bizarre, he is ultimately endearing. His heart is strong, even if his situational awareness isn’t. He commissioned from Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island.

IMG_1644Grey Wallace:   Ensign Wallace joins Max as a co-main character. He is a prior corpsman in the Navy, and his experience on the enlisted side of the military has given him a hardened view on the bureaucracy of government work. Often sarcastic in nature, he is Max’s closest friend in the Navy, having roomed with him in Officer Candidate School.

IMG_1646Captain Platt:   The commanding officer of flight school for Max, Grey, and the other students, Capt Platt has been in the Navy for a lot of years. No one quite knows if he’s just peculiar by nature or if he’s just lost a few screws a long the way. Either way, he never had children of his own and tends to view the students of his command as his extended family. He is a recurring character.

Max and Grey